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Our service philosophy is anchored on nurturing long-term relationships with each and every patient. We will take the time to correctly assess your individual needs and will provide much needed hand-holding on the journey to achieving your vision and goals.

Our aim is to exceed expectations with our remarkable service level which is backed by the very latest innovative anti aging technologies.

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Dr Albert Niemann 


About Dr Albert Niemann

MBChB, MPraxMed, MPharmMed, FCFP(SA), Adv.Dip. (Aesthetic Medicine), Senior Aviation Examiner, Family Physician

Dr Albert Niemann

Dr Niemann qualified as a Medical Practitioner in 1974 from The University of Pretoria and as a Senior Aviation Examiner in 1978. He became a Member of the College of Medicine in 1979 (Faculty of Family Practitioners) and has been a practicing Family Physician since 1981.

Dr Niemann completed his Masters Degree in Pharmacology at The University of Pretoria.

For more than a decade, Dr Niemann has developed an interest in and passion for anti-aging with over 17 years of experience in administering Botox. He has trained with the renowned Dr Koen de Boulle and Dr Jean Carruthers and his past attendance together with ongoing future attendance at both International Congresses and Workshops ensures that we provide the latest in anti-aging treatments on an on-going basis.


  • MBChB Medical Degree at University of Pretoria.
  • Senior Aviation Examiner since 1977 and a Life Long member of Aerospace Society.
  • Member of the South African College of General Practitioners since 1979.
  • Completed Masters Degree in Practice Management in 1981 MPraxMed.
  • Completed a Masters Degree in Pharmacology at University of Pretoria in 1988.
  • Became a Fellow of the South African Faculty of Family Practitioners FCFP(SA) in 2007.
  • EXCO member of the South African Aesthetic Society.
  • LCM (Local Country Mentor) for Allergan which involves training of doctors using Botox and Dermal Fillers.
  • Adv.Dip. (Aesthetic Medicine). Graduated with Aesthetic Medicine Advanced Diploma in 2012.