Eliminates wrinkles without surgery

Botox® injections are the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the anti-aging industry, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

The beauty of Botox® is that it reduces or eliminates wrinkles without surgery, no sedation or anesthesia is required and the effects are customizable to each patient’s individual requirements, facial anatomy and muscular structure.

A few drops of Botox® are injected with a tiny needle into the muscle that creates a wrinkle or frown line.  When injected into a muscle, Botox® blocks impulses from the nerve to the muscle.  By selectively interfering with the underlying muscle’s ability to contract, existing lines are smoothed out.

Botox Treatments Durban

Is Botox suitable for me?

The procedure is suitable for men and women although the specific risks and suitability for each person can only be determined at the time of consultation with our Medical Aesthetic Practitioner.  Botox® may be less effective for people aged 60 and over.

When will I see results?

Within 5 – 7 days of the treatment you should start to see an improvement in your lines.  The result will be assessed after 1 week at your follow up consultation.  Botox® lasts for up to 4 months although patients report that Botox® lasts longer with repeated treatments.

Is Botox safe?

Discomfort is usually minimal and brief.  Most patients compare the sensation to a pin–prick and treatment takes less than 10 minutes.  You may resume normal activity immediately but exercise and massage should be avoided for 24 hours after treatment.

How can I benefit from Botox?

Botox can also be used to treat Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) of the feet, hands and armpits, and can also assist in the treatment of Migraine Headaches.