Photodynamic Light Therapy

Photodynamic Light Therapy Treatment Durban

Turn back the clock on visible signs of aging with OMNILUX™ light therapy

Photodynamic light therapy is recognized by centers of excellence throughout the world as an important new weapon in the treatment of oncological and non-oncological conditions.

Omnilux™ was developed after 12 years of extensive medical research. Omnilux™ Light Therapy induces photo modulation by photon absorption, whereas lasers and IPL cause photothermolysis.

Photodynamic Light Therapy Treatment Durban

What is Photo modulation?

Cells within the body contain receptors that naturally absorb light.  When the body is exposed to light, these receptors absorb the light waves.  This absorption stimulates a normal cellular process that otherwise occurs naturally within the cell.  Light therapy merely accelerates this process making the cell more efficient.

What conditions can be treated?

With the use of the different Omnilux™ Revive and Plus lamps we are able to treat conditions such as acne, skin rejuvenation and to also assist in wound healing.

How many treatments are required?

For best results a series of 20 minute treatments is recommended dependant on the condition being treated.